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The Grand Experience

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Grand Experience

1 hour+

  • 2-6 People Groups
  • 2 Free Cigars
  • Tobacco Leaf Presentation: composition, quantity, quality in a cigar
  • Touch ‘n Smell Sensory Experience
  • Cigar Rolling Process: cigar making explained from beginning to end
  • Cigar Cutting and Lighting Tips
  • Photo with historic Cremo backdrop
  • Torcedor Rolling Experience – Roll your own cigars!
  • Sip & Pairing – Choose from 2 levels:
    • Cafecito Level
      Includes single-shot Cuban espresso or other coffee & honey-based drinks
    • Oompf Level
      Includes higher concentration coffee drinks and Cuban-style liquor pairing, such as rum, scotch, bourbon, etc.

* Guaranteed smoking in under 50 minutes