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Cigar Bar Rental: The How’s

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How to Rent a Cigar Bar If you’re interested in a cigar bar rental for an event or special occasion, here are some steps to follow: Research cigar bar rental

All About Personalized Wedding Cigars

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Personalized wedding cigars are often personalized to add a special touch to the celebration and create a memorable experience for guests. Personalized cigars can be customized with the names of

What is a Mobile Cigar Bar?

  04/17/2023   cigarstud   News   No comments

A mobile cigar bar is popular trend in the cigar industry. They are essentially portable cigar lounges that can be set up at events, parties, weddings, and other special occasions.

A Must: Cigar Bar For Wedding

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The tradition of offering cigars at weddings dates back many centuries. In fact, cigars have been a part of wedding celebrations for hundreds of years, and their popularity continues to

Types of Wedding Cigar Bars

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Most types of wedding cigar bars typically offer a selection of premium cigars, ranging from mild to full-bodied blends. Cigars may be offered in individual boxes or in pre-arranged cigar

How to Set up a Cigar Bar at Your Wedding

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Modern wedding receptions have more than enough entertaining features to wow guests – from the traditional wine toasting  and bouquet throwing to the more millennial practices like entourage dance entrances

Hosting a Cigar Party? Here’s How to Make It Memorable

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Whether you’re planning for a corporate get together or have an anniversary celebration around the corner, a cigar party is a unique way to get together. It’s guaranteed to be

What You Must Do When You’re in a Mobile Cigar Bar

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For many years, cigar enthusiasts have gathered in mobile cigar bars at various events to unwind, have a nice chat, and unite over their mutual love of the product. Many topics are

Learning the Art of Cigar Rolling

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Cigars are known for their unique flavors and aromas, which are influenced by the tobacco varieties used in making them. But the quality of cigars lies not just in their

Organize the Perfect Cigar Birthday Party With These 7 Tips

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Throwing a birthday party is an excellent occasion to bring together family and friends, and makes your birthday more memorable. But you can take it up a notch if you’re