Cigar Bar Rental for Wedding- Things to Remember

A cigar bar rental for a wedding can be a unique and enjoyable addition to your celebration.

Here are some topics and considerations to explore when planning a cigar bar rental for a wedding:

Cigar Selection:

Discuss the types and brands of cigars you want to offer at the bar.

Consider including a variety of strengths and flavors to cater to different preferences.


Cigar Accessories:

Provide options for cigar cutters, lighters, and ashtrays.

Customize these accessories to match your wedding theme or colors.


Cigar Bar Setup:

Determine the location and setup of the cigar bar at your wedding venue.

Consider an outdoor cigar lounge or a designated indoor area with proper ventilation.


Cigar Bar Decor:

Decorate the cigar bar rental for wedding with elements that match your wedding theme, such as rustic, vintage, or modern decor.

Add comfortable seating, like leather chairs or lounge furniture, for guests to relax and enjoy their cigars.


Cigar Menu:

Create a cigar menu that lists the available cigar options along with their descriptions and prices.

Include a variety of cigar sizes and price points to accommodate different budgets.


Cigar Pairings:

Offer suggestions for cigar and beverage pairings, such as whiskey, bourbon, or coffee.

Consider providing a selection of complementary snacks like nuts or chocolate.


Cigar Education:

Hire a knowledgeable cigar expert or sommelier to educate guests about cigar etiquette, how to properly light and smoke a cigar, and the different cigar profiles.


Custom Labels:

Personalize the cigar experience by creating custom cigar labels or bands with your names and wedding date.

Guests can take home a cigar as a wedding favor.


Cigar Bar Safety:

Ensure that the cigar bar follows all safety regulations and guidelines, especially if it’s indoors.

Have a plan for disposing of cigar ashes and ensuring proper ventilation.


Cigar Bar Signage:

Create signs and displays that help guests find the cigar bar and understand the offerings.

Consider a chalkboard or elegant signage to add to the ambiance.


Cigar Bar Entertainment:

Provide entertainment options near the cigar bar, such as live music, a cigar rolling demonstration, or a poker table for a cigar and card game area.


Cigar Bar for Non-Smokers:

If you have non-smoking guests, consider providing a separate lounge area with cigar-themed decor where they can enjoy the ambiance without the smoke.


Cigar Bar Timing:

Decide when the cigar bar will be open during the wedding festivities. It could be available throughout the event or during specific portions, like cocktail hour or after dinner.


Cigar Bar Etiquette:

Educate guests about proper cigar etiquette, including not inhaling the smoke, and remind them to be considerate of non-smokers.


Cigar Bar Photography:

Hire a photographer or set up a photo booth near the cigar bar to capture memorable moments of guests enjoying their cigars.


Cigar Bar Favors:

Consider providing cigar-related wedding favors, such as personalized cigar cutters or engraved lighters.


Remember to check with your wedding venue about any restrictions or regulations regarding smoking and the use of a cigar bar. Additionally, always prioritize the comfort and preferences of your guests when planning any aspect of your wedding.