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Hosting a Cigar Party? Here’s How to Make It Memorable

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Whether you’re planning for a corporate get together or have an anniversary celebration around the corner, a cigar party is a unique way to get together. It’s guaranteed to be

What You Must Do When You’re in a Mobile Cigar Bar

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For many years, cigar enthusiasts have gathered in mobile cigar bars at various events to unwind, have a nice chat, and unite over their mutual love of the product. Many topics are

Organize the Perfect Cigar Birthday Party With These 7 Tips

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Throwing a birthday party is an excellent occasion to bring together family and friends, and makes your birthday more memorable. But you can take it up a notch if you’re

10 Iconic Men Who Smoked Cigars

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It is believed that cigar smoking goes as far back as the 10th century. According to Time, a ceramic pot from the Mayan civilization was discovered depicting a person puffing

Cigars and Bourbon: How to Make the Most of Something So Heavenly

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When you’re a connoisseur of wine, you know that each one has a perfect kind of cheese to pair with it. Red meat partners well with red wine. Oysters go

Are you ready for Super Bowl LIV?

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Whether you turn on the television to root for one of the teams playing in the Super Bowl or for the entertainment – Demi Lovato belting the National Anthem, or

Fun Wedding Themes that Include Cigar-Rolling

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Here in Miami, cigar rolling for weddings is a luxurious treat that’s gaining ground. Since we’re historically (and geographically) close to Cuba, you can expect a Cuban-themed wedding to be

Create An Unforgettable Celebration Experience

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Tick- tock! The holidays are upon us! The flurry of events, parties and gatherings among friends, families and coworkers have begun and this is great, unless you are the one

Understanding Cigars: What You Need To Know Before You Light Up

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Every cigar aficionado started out as a beginner who had no idea what they were doing. Most cigar habits began with mere curiosity and maybe a desire to look as

Cigars and Weddings: Why It’s a Perfect Match

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A wedding needs to have the right balance of romance and fun. Though it may sound unusual, incorporating cigars at your wedding is a great way to add more fun