Cigar Rollers for Events

Recently, we had the immense privilege of participating in a series of community engagements, including the Annual Mayor’s Ball benefiting the United Way of Miami-Dade, the BET Network’s “Leading Women Defined Summit” in March, and earlier, attended Whisper Creek Farm in Orlando on October 14. These are opportunities to showcase authentic, high-end Miami cigar rollers, as well as Cuban cigar rollers in corporate events and honor the philanthropy and generosity of everyone who supports these events.

Annual Mayor’s Ball

As a means to raise money for the United Way of Miami-Dade, Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez and his wife hosted the Annual Mayor’s ball. More than 1,000 business and community leaders were able to see the impressive array of boutique tobacco selections that are guaranteed high premium quality. Cigar rollers for corporate events like these may be an essential component of the rich Miami culture and our Miami cigar rollers know how to complement and meet those standards.

BET’s Leading Women Defined Summit

At the “Leading Women Defined Summit” at the Diplomat Hotel, Cigar Stud was also able to showcase their masterful Cuban cigar rollers with exquisite presentation and stupendous customer service. This is why we find out complete event details in order to ensure that satisfaction is met and make all the logistical preparations in order to be accommodated for the corporate event in which our Miami cigar rollers are featured among business leaders and prominent figures of the community.


Finally, the #winedinevine event at Whisper Creek Farm in Orlando, FL on October 14th was also a corporate event we catered. This was a unique and interactively educational dining experience where guests were encouraged to pick their food from the gardens and incorporate it into their final plate of food. Our Miami cigar rollers and Cuban cigar rollers accompanied this event along with the local, decadent and rich wine selections that were offered. We made sure folks were presented with a genuine demonstration of our cigar rolling skills as well as the opportunity to experience premium tobacco.