CigarStud Cigar Bar Best Party Flavor All-Rounder

Dolphin NFL Kick Off Season Party

Cigar Stud devised the Cigar Bar as the ultimate party favor, party flavor. An all-rounder of sorts that aimed to feed two birds with one seed. On the one hand, a multifunction station that would serve as physical centerpiece of the party or celebration underway and where discerning guests would gather to collect their freshly rolled premium cigars. On the other, as a highlighting attraction that would help to lure in avid minds and ears around the rich lore surrounding cigar making, tasting, and its many appreciation facets.

Continuing with the multi-industry reach of our proposal, our very latest star event was the all-new Miami Dolphins football team new players celebration. Ahead of the season’s start, the new roster and other team members gathered at the splendid and luminous Margaritaville Beach Resort, right on the beachfront in Hollywood, FL. Inches away from the sea, the ultra-private gathering was the perfect season kick-off bash for recently signed players to start becoming part of the Dolphins team and culture.

On this occasion, an expansive Cigar Stud Cigar Bar was strategically located to allow an easy glimpse and foot traffic access to the magic station. Not one, but two All-Cuban Level 9 ‘torcedores’ (rollers) graced the two stellar spots behind the table. As always, they sported understatedly elegant garb, both experts donning suit and tie and the distinctive Panama Hat. The Bar displayed in orderly, yet poignantly colorful, manner all the necessary accoutrement for the making and showcasing of fresh, handmade Grade A cigars, which everyone enjoyed at will.