It’s a Cigar Kind of Day

Stress is the number one killer in the United States. Some say, the world over. In fact, studies have shown that stress levels may dimintuize the effects of overeating and other detrimental behavior while posing a greater risk to one’s health than those behaviors would have ever done. Although we are living longer than ever, stress is also at its highest levels since ever. Taking this into consideration, we discover that the other parts in our lives that involves everything from eating habits to engaging in risky behavior may bring its effects, but they are largely dwarfed by the effects of stress. Indeed, some say that it compounds existing health conditions.

This is not surprising. We stand to benefit greatly with reasonably indulging in past-time behavior that brings us joy, relaxation, and respite from the world. Smoking cigars with family, friends, or on one’s own provides that opportunity to escape and simmer in our down-time. Really, the important point with this is that we should defend people’s right to pleasure-seeking. There are many reasons why people smoke cigars and to relax is just one of them. Besides that, there is never a bad occassion to smoke a cigar (with friendly company, of course)