Party Ideas for Men

Planning an idea for someone you know is a lot of hard work. There are so many things one can plan, but when one’s mind can’t think of anything new and interesting. Why not try out a cigar party

Trying something new is fun and exciting. For those that have bachelor parties and enjoy good smooth cigars should try Cremo Cigars. In Miami we offer our cigar rolling and hookah services at events so that people can experience what it is like to have a cigar roller in their party.

Does it sound boring? Well, what about this… having a little fun with the theme. How about a 50’s theme where people can dress up and have fun while enjoying their cigars. If you aren’t into the 50’s theme, change it up and have it themed as a celebrity dress up party. Dress up as Chuck Norris, Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, or Jack Nicholson or if you are a woman try Demi Moore, Marilyn Monroe, or Julia Roberts and have fun with the cigar theme.

What great cigar themed ideas do you have in mind for your next event?