Understanding Cigars: What You Need To Know Before You Light Up

Every cigar aficionado started out as a beginner who had no idea what they were doing. Most cigar habits began with mere curiosity and maybe a desire to look as dapper and dashing as the cigar-smoking gentlemen of Hollywood movies.

Cigar smoking, straightforward as it appears, though, is full of finer nuances that, if you are aware of those subtleties, will increase your enjoyment. There is a whole process and lifestyle that will help you appreciate smoking cigars to the fullest, whether in the midst of a dynamic city center or the laidback comfort of your West Palm Beach home. From cigar rolling skills, to how to select, cut, light and properly smoke your cigar, there are a few things you may want to know to heighten the experience.

Indeed, there is also a whole culture surrounding cigar smoking – and you may want to delve into it, beginning with a bit of knowledge of the basics.

A brief history of cigars

While Cuban cigars are the most popular kind, cigars didn’t originate in Cuba. Cigars actually originated somewhere in America, however, there is no certain location to this day. Historians believe that Mayans invented cigars by smoking tobacco leaves tightly bound with string and rolled in corn husks. It is also believed that cigars were a large part of Mayan culture and were part of most of their major rituals.

In 1962, President Kennedy imposed a trade embargo on Cuba that had a major effect on the trade of Cuban cigars. However, President Obama eventually eased the restrictions, making it legal to buy Cuban cigars and bring them back to the country.

Benefits of smoking cigars


Many cigar smokers and aficionados love the relaxation a cigar offers. No matter how fast or slow you finish your cigar, those precious minutes shared between you and your cigar are a way to spend time alone with your thoughts. Also, many smokers find comfort in the tufts of smoke, drawn into the mouth and exhaled, as well as in the rich aroma and flavor of a cigar.


While some feel that smoking a cigar all by themselves can be the best way to savor the experience, there are also those who believe that cigar smoking is most pleasurable when shared with others. Whether it’s simply to hang out or to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, or a birthday, lighting up with family and friends can be a way to mark the occasion and appreciate good company.


Every cigar you smoke was created with careful thought, and different kinds of cigars also give different smoking experiences. Long-time cigar smokers can easily distinguish the various flavors and aromas of different cigars, a skill which comes from a degree of experience. The process of cutting, lighting, and cuffing cigars can become an individual ritual for you, or even a way of connecting with your friends.

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