Key Differences of Handmade and Machine-Made Cigars

Cigar smoking is currently experiencing a rise in popularity in the United States. According to Lung Org, 3.8 percent of 9.3 million adults in 2017 were cigar smokers, 6.8 percent of them being men and the remaining 1%, women. When it comes to smoking cigars, not all rolls are the same and every smoker has their own preference. Every smoking experience is different because of the cigar’s flavor, size, shape, and filler. While some differences can be very subtle, the way a cigar is made can cause a distinctive difference.

A cigar can be made two ways: either rolled by hand or manufactured by machine. Machine-made cigars are mass-produced and are from scraps of homogenized tobacco. On the other hand, handmade cigars are produced by expert cigar rollers and are the result of art and craftsmanship.

While most smokers consider handmade cigars superior to their machine-produced counterpart, the verdict still depends on what kind of cigar a smoker prefers. This preference is usually determined by the taste, cost, and how often they smoke. Knowing the differences between handmade and machine-made cigars is important for new cigar smokers so that they can differentiate between the two kinds.

Hand-rolled cigars are made of pure tobacco

Machine-made cigars are typically not made of pure tobacco and may contain paper, preservatives, and various chemicals. Hand-made cigars, on the other hand, consist of filler, binder, and outer wrapper, all purely from tobacco leaves. This is the reason handmade cigars have a smoother taste and better scent than their machine-made counterparts. When you smoke a machine-made cigar, it is impossible to get the same kind of smoothness of taste and quality of burn that you would experience from a handmade cigar. This is also why cigars rolled by hand are typically more costly.

Hand-rolled cigars typically contain higher quality tobacco

Machine-rolled cigars which are mass-produced also tend to be filled with a lower standard of tobacco compared to the tobacco used in hand-rolled cigars. This is also the reason why machine-rolled cost much less than its handmade counterparts.

Machine-made cigars can be the better choice for everyday smokers

Since handmade cigars are pure and contain 100% tobacco, these kinds of cigars are typically more expensive. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shell out a lot of money to experience the quality of a handmade cigar. Cigar specialty shops often carry individual cigars that can be bought for an affordable price.

However, for regular smokers who enjoy several rolls of cigars per day, machine-made cigars might be the more economical choice, especially if one has financial constraints. In this case, handmade cigars can still be enjoyed on occasion.

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