We Love Our Brides

Cigar Stud loves brides. We especially love brides who are fashion-forward and want to make sure no detail on their special day is left unturned. That’s why, we want to give a shout out to Modern Wedding magazine’s bride Vanessa Morgan whose recent wedding was nothing short of spectacular.

Vanessa’s wedding was spotlighted in Modern Wedding magazine’s Instagram page not only because she and her groom made one gorgeous couple, but because Vanessa chose Cigar Stud to be a special part of her celebration. Among the dancing and champagne toasts, Vanessa provided a treat for her guests. A treat that can be yours too!

Add an experience to your wedding that your guests will long remember. Our highly-gifted cigar rollers will hand roll cigars while entertaining your guests with stories of their history and aspects of the cigar making process – something you would only get if you visited a factory!

A Cigar Stud torcedor will add to the joyful celebration of your wedding – hire one today! In the meantime, congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kopech.