Cigars and the Silver Screen: The Hollywood Charm of Cigars

Feel like your next party or event needs an infusion of class? Do you think your night out with the boys could be more refined? You could evoke the prestige and power of Old Hollywood by hiring a professional cigar roller or getting a box of premium cigars.

Cigars and similar consumables were a huge staple of the Golden Age of Hollywood, with companies even bankrolling stars of the time to get poetic about their products.

Here are a few things your event will be sure to exude once you and guests light up your cigars.

Movie Masculinity

At the time, manly Hollywood stars would be puffing on cigars on-screen as they talk to their dames or wax lyrical about their fictional dilemmas. Icons of masculinity at the time, such as Clark Gable and Marlon Brando, smoked cigars in their movies. Just remember their characters in “Gone with the Wind” or “The Godfather.”

Even today, Hollywood still pairs being a man with a smoking a cigar, with powerful male characters in movies like “Hellboy,” “The Wolverine,” and “The Predator” all excelling in combat as they puff away. You and your friends can evoke such masculinity.

Get Classy

Man smoking
Few things can convey class and power like a glass of well-aged brandy with a deluxe cigar. Your night out with the guys can turn into a gentlemanly gathering of friends with a large box of cigars passed around.

In the Golden Age of Hollywood, movie stars would enjoy theirs around their luxurious homes in Beverly Hills and the surrounding country. Or they would proudly puff away as they socialize with beautiful starlets, power movie produces, and notable politicians in glittering venues, like the Cocoanut Grove of the Ambassador Hotel.

You can evoke this air of elegance and prestige, with just the simple addition of smooth, premium cigars.

Old-Fashioned Nostalgia

Finally, cigars are evocative of the golden yesteryears, simpler times uncomplicated by hectic smartphones and all the annoying contrivance of modern times. When you and your friends light up your cigars, you can almost travel in time while the smoky flavors waft around.

Go back to the days when Charlie Chaplin capered around silently on the silver screen. Remember the deeply-nuanced films of the time, such as “Casablanca,” “Roman Holiday,” or “Ben-Hur.” Your cigar will help you relax and revisit the days gone by when men and women danced the night away and spent their days making films for their adoring fans.

Class, elegance, and masculinity are hard to find in a single package. But you can evoke all three, as well as the charm of Old Hollywood with even just a single hand-rolled cigar.

A Unique Experience at Your Fingertips

Cigar Studs offers you and your guests an experience like no other with our premium hand-rolled cigars. Our cigar-rolling services and products turn typical corporate events into swanky gatherings and transform parties into roaring ragers fit for the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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