What You Must Do When You’re in a Mobile Cigar Bar

For many years, cigar enthusiasts have gathered in mobile cigar bars at various events to unwind, have a nice chat, and unite over their mutual love of the product. Many topics are discussed, including what they are smoking or drinking, sports, and current affairs.

Everyone who wants to relax with like-minded people while smoking a quality cigar is welcome in a mobile cigar bar. Although everyone in the community is exceedingly friendly and tolerant, there are some rules for mobile cigar bar behavior that both oldies and newbies should follow.

In this article, we’ll discuss mobile cigar bar etiquette and how following such rules is actually more a matter of respect for the other guests and the bar than it is a matter of tradition.

Smoke Actual Cigars

The mobile cigar bar is the proper location to smoke a cigar while you are in an event, according to both events and cigar etiquette. It may seem obvious, but mobile cigar bars are also frequently crowded with vape and cigarette smokers looking for a comfortable spot to smoke and drink.

If you want to hang out at the mobile cigar bar, obviously, you must smoke a cigar; that is why it is named that way. Try to stick to cigars alone; it is disrespectful to those who spend a lot of money on fine cigars to simply stroll in and blow vape clouds in their faces.

Buy Their Products

The type of cigars you smoke in the bar is a matter of personal preference. If the mobile cigar bar does not have a store, which is quite rare, you can bring whatever cigar you like and enjoy it there.

However, if the bar has its own cigar section or shop, cigar etiquette dictates that you should buy one or two. It is polite to provide a little love to the shop that is hosting you, even if their products are not the expensive type you’re looking for. A mobile cigar bar with a small variety of marked-up cigars is an exception to this rule.

Smoke Your Own Cigar

Smoke Your Own Cigar

Quality cigars should not be handled like cigarettes, which are manufactured with subpar tobacco and are more damaging to your body. You should not request to take a drag off someone else’s cigar at the cigar lounge. That is not in the culture of cigar smokers.

Smoke your own cigars because sharing is not recommended today and is potentially harmful to your health, but it also interferes with both parties’ enjoyment of the cigar.

Keep Your Space Neat

Cigar etiquette mandates that you preserve a tidy area. Cigar aficionados understand that cigar ash has the propensity to get everywhere. However, if your cigar lounge is loaded with the required number of ashtrays, make sure to properly dispense your ash into an ashtray.

Several people have been observed leaving half-smoked cigarettes on benches or tables, in addition to ashing their cigars directly on the ground.

Remember to properly dispose of your cigars when you are done to show respect for the lounge, its staff, and other patrons. You can refer to our earlier post on how to correctly put out your cigar if you’re a beginner.

Get a Professional Mobile Cigar Bar Provider

These are just a few pieces of advice, but there are more. Following these guidelines will help establish you as a respected member of the cigar community.

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