Wishes of Good Health to You And Yours.

All of us at Cigar Stud send wishes of good health to you and yours.

Leaders are facing unforeseen challenges because of the novel coronavirus and the disease caused by it, COVID-19, and we’d like to help by doing what we do best. While the world grapples with the magnitude of the coronavirus and its impacts, we hope that you are taking the time to exercise healthy hygiene and proper self-care. If it’s not necessary for you to go out in public, then take the time to stay inside and self-quarantine. While home you can site outside and have your family small at-home private event.

Play games, binge watch your favorite shows, or just take it easy with small group friends and family. While we wait for authorities to provide details on how long the effects of the situation will last, please let us know how we can assist with any of your future plans and note we can deliver cigars to your home.

Again, may good health be yours!

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