Cigar-Smoking Etiquette on the Golf Course

Some people count playing golf and smoking cigars among their favorite activities. We say, why not have both at the same time? There’s no rule that says you can’t savor your favorite smoke and play your favorite game, but there are some rules of etiquette to follow. Here are the simple rules for smoking cigars on the golf course.


1. Be Considerate of Other Players

Be aware of wind direction. Don’t casually puff away without minding where your smoke is blowing. Position yourself such that your smoke doesn’t get into anyone else’s face. Before you get into the golf cart, ask your cart-mate if they don’t mind you lighting up. Make it a point to bring enough cigars to share with all the players in your party.

2. Mind Where You Lay Down your Cigar

In between strokes, you may be faced with the challenge of where to place your cigar. This is one of the most important rules of etiquette when cigar-smoking on the links: never place a burning cigar on the putting greens. Don’t rest it on the golf cart or drop ashes anywhere on the greens either. So, where should you place your scorching stogie? Get a cigar-holder expressly designed for this purpose. Better yet, if it doesn’t interfere with your swing, keep it in your mouth.

3. Store Your Stogies Properly

It’s a nice gesture if you bring an entire box of cigars to the golf course—as long as you intend to share them. And if there’s a nearby cigar-rolling booth like we have in Miami, you don’t need to bring the entire box to the greens. Don’t make the mistake of placing the cigars you intend to smoke or share in your shirt or pants pocket. Doing this can affect the flavor. Be sure to use a quality cigar case or portable humidor to bring your cigars around.

4. Light it the Right Way

Some cigar aficionados may insist lighting up with a match, but being outdoors on a windy day can make lighting up with a match impossible. Be sure to bring along a butane or torch lighter—the windproof kind. Light the stogie evenly, rotating and puffing on it slowly as you expose the end to the flame. Never use a cigarette lighter as this can never do justice to a cigar and will affect the flavor, too.

 5. Take along Bigger Cigars

If you chose to hit the course on a weekend, there will be more players. You’ll have to wait for the other players to finish before you can play through. You might rest your cigar for a longer time in between swings, so a larger cigar may be easier to re-light if it goes out.

6. Focus on the Game, not the Cigar

It’s true that you brought cigars to enjoy on the golf course, but the smoking takes a back seat to the swinging. Relax, enjoy the game with your friends, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the sights. You can always look back at your game with another cigar and drinks at the clubhouse.

Smoking a cigar should enhance the golf-playing experience and not the other way around. Practice proper etiquette in both your golf game and your cigar, and the day will surely be a memorable one.