Knowing the Good Stuff: How to Recognize a Quality Cigar

There was a time when almost every man of note would be seen with a cigar in his mouth. Cigars have become a status symbol, part of a lifestyle, and an important part of popular culture. It’s not exactly clear when cigars were invented but historians believe that it was first invented by Mayans and only reached Europe when Christopher Columbus came to America in 1942. Having been around for thousands of years, the history of cigars is just as complex as the process of making it.

Up to this day, cigars are enjoyed and they are associated with success and celebration. According to Forbes, cigarette smoking has declined globally but sales of premium cigars are growing at 5% per year, and its users are getting younger. This only means that the younger generation is developing a liking for classic old cigars.

Just like wine, cigars are complex and have a wide variety of types. It will take a lot of time before you develop a taste for its nuances and become a full-fledged cigar aficionado.  To start your journey of exploring the world of cigars, one of the first few things you need to learn is how to identify the good kind.

Here are some pointers on how to recognize a high-quality cigar.

Perfectly packed

A high-quality cigar is not packed too lightly or too loosely. You have to take note of how dense the cigar is rolled, without gaps and tears. Even if it’s just the smaller size cigars, as long as they are packed perfectly, they can provide a long satisfying smoke.

Uniform color

There is no right color for a high-quality cigar and a darker cigar only means that the flavor is much stronger. From double claro to oscuro, the different colors of the cigar shows you the leaves used for rolling it. However, the consistency of its color is very important. The exterior of your cigar should not have blemishes and every part of the cigar should be of the same shade.

Easy draw

You know a cigar is well-made if it’s easy to draw and if it gives you enough flavor in each draw. This is important as drawing a cigar is how you get the ultimate enjoyment out of it. Especially for someone who’s only starting to smoke a cigar, a cigar that’s difficult to draw the smoke through will not give the best experience.

Consistent flavor

Different cigars have different tastes and give different experiences. Some of the most popular flavors are almond, grass, coffee, and pepper. But no matter what flavor you choose, a premium cigar should have a full and consistent flavor. More importantly, it should not dry your mouth and not have a harsh taste. It should instead feel smooth and textured as you smoke it.

Even burn

A first-class cigar will burn well and consistently. You can tell that a cigar was well constructed if the ash is in an even line as it goes down. It doesn’t mean that the ash should not ever fall off but it should be at least an inch before it does. A cigar that does not burn evenly simply means that it was rolled inconsistently.

If you and your friends are serious in getting to know cigars and exploring its complex world, witnessing a master cigar roller craft a perfectly-rolled cigar for you will immerse you to the art of cigar smoking.

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