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Cigar Stud Grabs the Limelight at BeyondTrust’s Premier Event

  06/20/2022   cigarstud   News   No comments

Cigar Bar Icing on The Cake The Cigar Bar has become quite the hit in all Cigar Stud Events. The idea behind this one-of-a-kind celebratory experience adds a touch of

Cigar Stud Again Landmark Event Entertainment Centerpiece

  05/20/2022   cigarstud   News   No comments

Cigar Stud is the premier live cigar rolling event firm of choice. The company covers the entire story arc of organized cultural entertainment events, from small and private, family-oriented even,

Cigar Stud Instrumental at Dolce & Gabbana 3-Day Event

  03/18/2022   cigarstud   News   No comments

Cigar Stud curates the entire gamut of event story arcs, from small and private events focused on bringing families small and large together for heaps of fun to-do’s… to showcasing

Beautiful Wedding at Deering Estate

  12/16/2020   cigarstud   News   No comments

Outdoor, Covid-Friendly Wedding Great addition! Cigar stud was an amazing addition to our Miami wedding and all of our out of town guests loved it. They were so professional and

It’s OK to Book Now

  09/16/2020   cigarstud   News   No comments

Cigar Stud Available for the “New Normal” Events If you’re OK to step into the new normal… and getting together responsibly… If you are ready… more than ready… to go

All-American Literary Fancies of Cigar Smoking

  04/21/2020   cigarstud   News   No comments

Cigars have had a protracted love affair with literature, populating the corpus of some of history’s most celebrated page-turners and evoking quotes from famous authors who were enthusiastic cigar smokers.

Wishes of Good Health to You And Yours.

  03/16/2020   cigarstud   News   No comments

All of us at Cigar Stud send wishes of good health to you and yours. Leaders are facing unforeseen challenges because of the novel coronavirus and the disease caused by

Cigar-Smoking Etiquette on the Golf Course

  03/11/2020   cigarstud   News   No comments

Some people count playing golf and smoking cigars among their favorite activities. We say, why not have both at the same time? There’s no rule that says you can’t savor

Cigars and the Silver Screen: The Hollywood Charm of Cigars

  02/25/2020   cigarstud   News   No comments

Feel like your next party or event needs an infusion of class? Do you think your night out with the boys could be more refined? You could evoke the prestige and

We Love Our Brides

  02/14/2020   cigarstud   Clients   No comments

Cigar Stud loves brides. We especially love brides who are fashion-forward and want to make sure no detail on their special day is left unturned. That’s why, we want to